Men’s Health 

Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit organisation that was established with the aim of becoming Australia’s primary source of information about the social, physical, and psychological wellbeing of men and boys.

Our Mission

To provide news, commentary, articles, links and information about events, services, and resources specific to health topics and issues of relevance to men and boys.

To undertake research into the physical and mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle behaviours of Australian men and boys and to equip men to take action to prevent male suicide and self-harm.

To enable men to support other men in their workplace, organisation or community and to train men with knowledge and skills to support other men experiencing challenges with personal, relationship or mental health issues.

Two Men with a Mission

Men’s Health Inc. was founded by two professional men who became strong friends. They established the organisation to raise awareness on men-related health topics and issues in an effort to improve the health and well-being outcomes of men in Australia and ultimately, to create a safe space where men can support other men who are experiencing challenges with personal, relationship, or mental health issues.

The more man knows of man, the better for the common brotherhood among men.

- Charles Dickens

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Level 3, 143 Charlotte Street Brisbane QLD 4000

+61 478 568 366


+61 478 568 366

Level 3, 143 Charlotte Street

Brisbane QLD 4000